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After more than 20 years in the U.S., I applied for citizenship last year. I asked Linette to handle my case to make sure everything went smoothly. Linette was accessible, friendly, and helpful. The paperwork was quickly filed, and I am a U.S. citizen today. Linette made sure to answer all of my questions clearly and to prepare me thoroughly for the interview with CIS. In the past, I had hired a large firm to process my visas and greencard, and I often felt insignificant or forgotten about. With Linette, I felt the opposite. I only wish I had heard about her sooner, so that she could have handled my earlier immigration cases. I could not recommend her more highly. Carlos

I am a Romanian native and have been in the US on a work visa -- H1B - since March 2000. Since then, I have had two different immigration attorneys to handle my permanent residency process (as a teacher) and even covered some steps on my own. Linette was recommended to me by one of my friends at a time when I was literally so frustrated with poor yet costly immigration attorney services. Linette was very knowledgeable and direct with me when I presented her my case. I had already started my green card process but having changed jobs and line of work made me start the process all over. Linette put everything in order for me and explained to me the next steps as well as potential outcomes. She has been very professional in all my communication with her, and I feel her service has been absolutely worth both my time and money. The best thing about her practice is that not every question or conversation is charged!!! You will feel that an actual PERSON is handling your case and you are not just another case number in a pile of files on someone's desk. I highly recommend her services! She is the best! Carmen

I am a musician from Bulgaria. I was applying for Green Card as an Alien with Extraordinary Abilities. I had tried working with a couple of big law offices, but invariably reached a dead end and a lack of understanding for the specifics of my case. Time was getting tight and I was getting really worried. Then a friend and fellow musician told me about Linette Tobin. I am going to be giving thanks all my life for meeting this wonderful lawyer and person. She quickly sorted out what needs to be done for my case and explained everything in a clear and accessible manner. Linette was the first lawyer I ever met who replied to my calls and e-mails on the day I sent them to her. She was friendly, responsive and understanding. No wonder that thanks to her wonderful work my application succeeded. Ralitza

I first visited Linetteís office a few years ago. My case was how to get a work related visa in my profession (engineering). She advised me, and I was able to understand the whole process and the time frame it would take. When I got an employer who was willing to sponsor me for an H-1B visa, Ms. Linette helped my employer process the H-1B visa on my behalf. The service I got was second to none. She and her staff are friendly, very helpful, and her fees are entirely reasonable. I am very happy to be her client. Aklilu

Linette to me is like a stern, but thoughtful big sister. Iíve had her help on my green card and H1-B application/renewal/extension for the past 6 years. Iím very much grateful for her sincerity and fairness. Her thorough and kind advice for my questions and occasional troubles that have risen have been nothing but most helpful and assuring. With how difficult it can be for H1-B workers like me, I consider myself lucky to have someone I can count on to make my life a little easier. Thanks Lin. Kentaro

I came to the U.S. in 2006. I fled my country in Africa to escape religious persecution and came to the U.S. to ask for asylum. When I arrived here, I was afraid and didnít know the asylum process. When I first met Linette and her legal assistant who spoke my language, I felt immediately at home and at peace. I felt assured that they would pay attention to my case and handle it with expertise. Their friendliness also gave me comfort. To be sure, they were not easy on me. They demanded that I work very hard to collect evidence and to know very well every detail of my case. They spent many hours with me, helping me get ready to testify in court. The result was that on my day in court, I was completely prepared for all of the questions. The judge approved my case, and I am happy to say that I am now living safely in the U.S., free to practice my religion without fear. I give the highest recommendation to Linette and her office and gives thanks to God for meeting her. Habtom

I am Jarold, and I started my papers to get my permanent resident card back in 2003. From the beginning, Ms. Tobin was clear and knew very well exactly what documentation I had to bring her to resolve my case. She was able to speak my native language (Spanish) and communication was never a problem. She scheduled my appointments to make sure I had enough time and attention, but our appointments were simple and fast because she let me know clearly in advance what we would need. I never had to wait a long period of time to resolve any issue with her; and she was reachable over the phone. In 2006, my wife and I decided to call her again to start the procedure to get U.S. citizenship, and at the end of that same year, I became a new American. Thanks to Linette Tobin, I enjoy today all the benefits of any American in this country. Jarold

I am a native of Eritrea with a Ph.D in Science. I was represented and assisted by Ms. Linette Tobin during my successful asylum application process. I was advised by a number of Eritrean friends, who were also represented and assisted by Ms. Tobin in their successful cases, to approach her reputable office for the best possible service. My case was a political one. Thanks to Ms. Tobinís dedication and unconditional support, my application process was very smooth and my case was granted. She is a very well-prepared and experienced lawyer, supported by hard-working staff (Daniel and Askalu). In all honesty, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Ms. Tobin and her commitment throughout my application process. Thus, I recommend that anyone looking for the best possible service and expertise in his/her asylum case approach the Law Office of Linette Tobin. H. Habte

My experience with Ms. Tobin was nothing but positive. She worked on my case when I needed to change my status from F1 to H1-B, then from H1-B to obtaining a green card. She was always very prompt in responding to my inquiries, very thorough in giving me instructions as to what to do on my part, and efficient in preparing necessary documents for my case. In addition to her professionalism and quality of work, she was always kind and understanding, which I appreciated greatly. As a person who cares a lot about what is being done and it is done properly, I can honestly say Ms. Tobin never disappointed me. Thank you, Linette. H.S

I was a music student in the U.S. on a F-1 visa for nearly ten years when I decided to apply for an employment-based green card. I tried to get in touch with three different immigration lawyers, who did not even reply to me. Than a friend who is also a musician recommended Linette Tobin. Without having much hope, I sent her an e-mail, and to my surprise, she replied right away. Soon after, we met in her office and my first impression was wonderful. Ms. Tobin was professional and friendly. I felt that she and her assistants had the necessary knowledge, experience and dedication to help me. Our appointments were never rushed, and I was always well-informed. My case was not an easy one, but despite all obstacles Linette knew exactly how to handle it. She was able to help me complete the process successfully, and I received a green card in a year and three months. I never even dreamed that this would happen! I trust Linette completely, and recommend her services to my friends and family. Thanks so much Linette! Antoinette

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